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Rimstriping SpecialGP BMW

Rimstriping SpecialGP BMW G310R Wit

€ 34,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days


  • The set contains stickers for both rims, one set is enough for your entire motorcycle
  • Exact color match to G310R design marries perfectly with your bike
  • PerfectApply Spandex™ purges bubbles for professional paint-job finish
  • ImagePerfect™ adhesive ensures lasting adherence at extreme temperatures and high altitude
  • Water- and UV-proof lamination withstands harsh outdoor elements for up to 7 years
  • 7 mm width lends perfect design balance to the wheels
  • Different striping for right and left wheel sides provide superior fit
  • Quick and easy application
  • Pre-cut one-piece strips prevents flaking and allows for easy repositioning
  • Includes 4 complimentary adhesive G310R decals of same quality
  • Includes 2 spare strips
  • Shipped within 1-2 days throughout the contiguous world
  • 14-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

Product description

Engineer your riding experience with the BMW G310R rimstriping SpecialGP. With over 10 years in super sport bike retrofitting, we have ensured that this rimstriping is in keeping with the original vision of the BMW design team. An exact color match means that the rim stripes compliment the carefully considered tones of your G310R perfectly. The 7 mm width makes for a balanced visual impression on the rim. PerfectApply Spandex™ purges bubbles, giving the rimstriping the appearance of a professional paint job.

No detail has been overlooked

As our friends on the racing circuit would agree: everything matters. That’s why this rimstriping doesn’t only feature superior looks – it also features superior performance on the road. Come rain, hail or shine, the durable vinyl will last the distance, and the UV-proof lamination protects colors from fading for up to seven years. What’s more, thanks to ImagePerfect™ adhesive, especially designed to withstand temperature extremes and high altitude, you can count on the rimstriping SpecialGP to stick with you no matter where your travels will take you. And, as opposed to rimstriping that consists of many small stickers that easily flake, each of these strips comes in one piece. Once this rimstriping is applied, it’s there to stay.

Which brings us to the last point

For all the professional looks of this rimstriping, anyone could apply it. The strips are pre-cut, so you won’t have to worry about measuring up lengths, and there are different strips for left and right wheel sides for an immaculate fit. Simply follow the short step-by-step instructions and you’ll have everything perfectly aligned in a few minutes.

Done. You just took your G310R to the next level. Now, where is that camera?

Application instructions

(For additional convenience, put your bike on a paddock stand.)

  1. Remove any dust or grease from the rim with a soft cloth, using detergent if necessary.
  2. Steering clear of the artwork, cut out each stripe with a sharp pair of scissors.
  3. Note the difference between stripes for left and right wheel sides.
  4. Apply stripes one at a time, leaving a gap of about 54mm between each.
  5. Cut out and apply the rim logos: large on the rear and small on the front wheel.


If you plan on keeping the stripes for over 7 years (!), quickly go over them with a heat gun or hair dryer and spray with clear varnish upon application.

Play the instruction video!

  • Superior durability
  • Colour-matched designs
  • 2-year warranty
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 14-day returns