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Pannier Stickers

Pannier Stickers BMW R1200GS R1200GSA Vario

€ 29,95 Custom made Expected delivery time: 2-3 working days

Product information Pannier Stickers BMW R1200GS

This sticker set was designed for BMW R1200GS and R1200GSA Vario motorcycle panniers. These stickers increase your visibility on the road without too much of a hassle. Another advantage is the increase in visibility of the pannier, its width in particular.
On top of embellishing your motorcycle, these stickers increase your safety.

These stickers are custom made for this type of motorcycle, and will therefore fit the cases perfectly. The pannier stickers are made of reflective 3M and Oracal sticker foil in several colors. In daylight the stickers have a metallic look. In the dark they mainly light up when other lights shine upon them.

The photos are taken in daylight using a flash to show the lighting effect of the black foil that occurs when white light is shone upon. Photo 2 and 4 show the panniers with stickers but taken without using a flash so that the difference is very clear. Picture 5 shows the set as it is cut and so you get delivered.

The set is available in all reflective color. Have a look at our color report for an up-to-date overview of all available reflective colors.

Do you have questions about this product? A brilliant idea? Please let us know! If possible, we will custom make it for you.

Application instructions Pannier Stickers BMW R1200GS

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Instruction Video Pannier Stickers BMW R1200GS

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