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PremiumShield Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade (2008-2009) Tank Kit

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Product information PremiumShield Honda CBR1000RR

PremiumShield tank kit that fits the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade manufactured in 2008 – 2009.

PremiumShield (we formerly sold VentureShield/3M) is a special film designed to protect the paint of vehicles. This kit protects your cherished possession from stone chips, scratches and insects. This kit consists of several PremiumShield stickers that will protect the tank of your Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade for many years.

PremiumShield motorcycle kits are designed in such a way that it is easy to apply. Each kit comes with a special squeegee (‘wiper’), a blueprint of all the sticker parts and an extensive manual that benefit a successful application.
If the manual does not offer enough information, application instructions as well as a clear instruction video can be found on this page.

Parts of this kit are available separately, if you contact us. Do you prefer to order non pre-cut sticker film and start your own project? PremiumShield film can be ordered here.

Do you have questions about this PremiumShield kit or do you want to place a group order on behalf of your motor club or forum? Please contact us and ask us about our group discounts.

What comes with a kit?

  • The pre-cut PremiumShield kit
  • A blueprint of all the parts including their names (have a look at the product photo for an example)
  • An extensive manual
  • A rubber squeegee

Why Premium Shield?

  • Almost invisible
  • Very durable
  • Easy to clean: dirt and insects do not stick
  • Motorcycle maintains its value


Application instructions PremiumShield Honda CBR1000RR


  • Plant spray bottle
  • Washing up liquid
  • Cloths


  1. Prepare 2 spray bottles. Fill up one with a solution of water and soap (add 3-5 drops of washing up liquid or baby shampoo to 1 liter of water). Fill up the other with tap water only.
  2. Prepare yourself well. Make sure you have a special, clean and dry work space where you can apply your kit. Wind and dirt are your enemies! Apply in a room that is between 15° C and 30° C.
  3. Clean the parts of your motorcycle to which the film is to be applied. Remove all flies, pieces of tar and dirt before you apply any film. To do so, any (domestic) degreasing cleaning liquid can be used. Preferably, use a microfiber cloth that does not leave any fuzz.


  • Take time to apply the kit. Keep in mind that you have to keep the film wet with the water/detergent solution, so you can re-apply the film as many times as you want.
  • Make sure that you determine beforehand what part of the film belongs to what part of the motorcycle. The supplied print will be helpful in this process. Start with the easy parts so you can improve your skill.
  • If some corners do not stick to the surface, leave the part to dry and continue with another part of the kit. Return to the corner a few minutes later, and you will see that it has dried enough for it to stick to the surface.
  • Make sure to spray the side of the film that is glued the moment to take it from the sheet. If you do not do this, dust and film can stick to each other. This causes delay and a head ache!
  • Keep in mind that you can never use enough water/detergent solution! Do not be afraid of spraying the water/detergent solution. The solution dries up within a few minutes.
  • If necessary, use a second spray bottle filled with tap water only. If the film does not sticker well, spray some water onto the side that is glued. The absence of the detergent will make it dry faster.


  1. Spray the water/detergent solution onto part that is to be covered in film until it starts dripping off. If you apply an entire kit, we advise you to apply it piece by piece.
  2. Spray the solution onto your hands as well. Make sure that your hands are wet when you touch the glued side of the film.
  3. Remove the film from the sheet and spray the solution onto the glued side immediately. Be careful not the drop the film to the floor or let it touch dirty surfaces.
  4. Spray the solution onto the glued side once more and apply the film to the surface.
  5. Find the right position. By using the solution, you can re-apply the sticker as many times as you like. If you need to lift the film to remove air bubbles, spray some of the solution onto the glued side before you put the film down.
  6. The minute the film is in the right position, spray the solution on top of the film. This prevents the film from being damaged by the squeegee.
  7. Use the squeegee on top of the film to remove air bubbles and solution from beneath the film. Make sure to press from the middle outwards.
  8. Every single part needs to be applied in the way described in the previous steps.
  9. If is finished! Now your paint is protected, and will not be damaged by stones, insects or motor apparel that scratches the tank! It will stay perfect for years and benefit the trade-in value!

If air bubbles keep appearing beneath the film:

  1. Lift the film, make sure that the film as well as your fingers stays wet, spray tap water onto the glued side, and put the film down again. Remove the water from beneath the film using the squeegee.
  2. Press the film with your fingers about 10 seconds. Your body warmth allows the film to adhere to the surface easier.
  3. Leave the film for a few minutes and come back later. The solution will evaporate and you will notice that the film will stick better now.
  4. If the options mentioned above do not help, you can use a solution that is made up of 1 part alcohol and 2 parts water, and spray it beneath the film.
    Warning! The film will stick much faster and cannot be removed again.

If the solution has not evaporated completely, a white wash can be formed beneath the film that will make the film look “foggy”. Do not panic when you see this. Depending on the temperature and the amount of sunlight, the moisture will evaporate within 12-24 hours.

Some parts of the kit may seem a bit too small. This is done on purpose; the film is very flexible. Make sure part of the film sticks to the surface. Pull the film slowly until it fits the surface. Keep the film in this position and remove the water from beneath the film. You will notice that the film will stay in this position.

Do not try to pull the film from the surface when it has been there for more than 10 minutes. Finger prints can be left behind, and lines may appear on the film where you stopped pulling the film.

Questions? Send an e-mail to

Have Premium Shield kit applied?


Most kits are easy to apply. Some kits come with patterns that cannot be applied without experience. These patterns have to be applied by someone who is highly experienced. We are certified PremiumShield installer. We apply on appointment at motorcycle specialist Probikes in Nunspeet. There we have access to an indoor work space and a work platform. Send us an e-mail for specific costs or to make an appointment.

Instruction video PremiumShield Honda CBR1000RR

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