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Sticker film

Do prefer to add color to your motorcycle your way? sticker film enables you to add new colors and details without the need to paint! Sticker film is available in several colors and finishes. Choose your shape, color and size and start your project!

Are you looking for something special? The carbon di noc sticker film might be just right! This is 3D effect sticker film that feels like real carbon. Heating up the sticker film with a hair dryer or heat gun makes it possible to apply the sticker to uneven surfaces.

If you want to protect your motorcycle’s paint, PremiumShield film is what you are looking for. Premium Shield is also known as 3M Venture Shield™. This sticker film is completely transparent and protects your motorcycle’s (or any other vehicle’s) paint from scratches and weather related damage.

Do you have questions about the sticker film? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Superior durability
  • Colour-matched designs
  • 2-year warranty
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 14-day returns